Holidays in Auvergne, Haute Loire region is the heart of France

Welcome in Auvergne in the Massif Central, the heart of the France! 

Specifically in the Haute Loire, the bed and breakfast Les Epiceas (The Spruces), are located in Chomelix near Craponne sur Arzon (8km) and la Chaise Dieu (20km) above the town of le Puy en Velay (at 30km).

Chomelix is a small rural village marked by agriculture and livestock in a forest environment to 910 metres of altitude, on the edge of the River Arzon (just at the entrance of the Gorges of the Arzon), the farm is just outside the Arzon... We are South of the Parc Naturel Régional du Livradois Forez (natural park protected area) true reserve of nature, and North of the volcanic Velay characterised by its volcanic geology (the towns Puy en Velay, Allègre and its volcano Mount Bar, the lava of the Bouriane...); the Way of St. James passes nearby (by the way Bolene and the way of Caesar down on the circuit Cluny - Le Puy en Velay).
Our beautiful region of campaign is also nicknamed "the afternoon of Auvergne" because proximity with the Department of Ardeche on the road of the PACA region (Provence Cote d'Azur); We nevertheless remain a country of average mountain in the foothills of the Forez with the region of the Loire and at the limit of the region of Puy de Dôme.
A small corner of greenery calm as a perfect destination for a getaway trip in the nature for your holidays !

I help you to discover the beauty and the charm of these landscapes and the natural heritage rich, and still wild at the heart of the France, conducive to escape and change of scenery:
  • walks in forest, hiking, or simple ballads to the picking of mushrooms or the detour of a rural road, vestiges of the past, volcanic activity, swimming in the Lake, or sport to strong emotions...
You can also explore the region through its varied cultural heritage, tourist activities, its entertainment and other leisure:
  • festivals, shows, concerts, fairs and markets typical with our regional products, gastronomy and our cheese, architectural heritage through historical and religious monuments (churches, abbeys, castles, ruins), tourist trains, animations of villages and rural festivity annual... ideal for meet the auvergnats or other vacationers!


+ The bed and breakfast, the farm "Les Epicéas" ... You go to Chomelix ? Feel free to visit us !

In a restored farmhouse on 2 floors, 4 bedrooms are available all year. All rooms have a private bathroom with walk-in shower and toilet, heat and sound insulation (walls separating the chambers more than 20cm thick high density plaster decay 53dB, 38db sound-absorbing door, doubling thermal device, double glazing ...), double wood floor, large living room with joist girders round old style home, old fireplace, well inside, and a parking in the garden of the property. Particular attention is also paid to the quality of the bedding with new mattresses firm high density foam. The household and the beds are made daily, sheets are provided recess. Each bed has two polar blankets and a duvet.

- This single room has an access door opening onto the garden, it has a cozy and warm.
55 Euros per night. Breakfast included.

- Here a double room plus family as the preceding, it is open to the front by a large window.
55 Euros per night. € 10 extra bed if used. Breakfast included.

- Another double room can accommodate a small family, it is more intimate.
55 Euros per night. € 10 extra bed if used. Breakfast included.

- Finally a single room bright and warm! It has two windows and two small windows facing south ...
55 Euros per night. Breakfast included.

Bathrooms with walk-in shower and WC:

Sets breakfast are ready to be sent: classic bread, whole-grain bread, 2 small croissants and a chocolate muffin...

+ VRP, sales representatives, sales agents:
opportunity to FAX, photocopying, WIFI internet access possible, mobile network access, desk in each room.
As a business trip to meet different requirements of an accreditation visit, everything will be done to make your life easier in your commercial. Peace and privacy are ensured.
Easy access to roads, parking facility with parking in the garden, good fast removal of the road in winter.
Feel free to contact me to prepare your business trip if you have any questions.

+ Equipment for the disability:
the establishment does not have the label "Tourism and Handicap": there is no specific disabled access (person with reduced mobility), the doors are standard size (90cm), as well as sanitary and toilet; However, the 1st floor has a sloped entry, the floor is accessible by ground floor garden (there is no carriage road specific), walk-in showers allow certain facilities but there are small steps of about 5 cm.
If you can, feel free to visit and to see for yourself, you can also contact me for further information.

+ The Bed and Breakfast: At meals
You can have a meal at the table of the farm (dinner only, reservations are preferred and the meal is by no means required).
I offer a variety of home cooking.
20 Euros per person (I do not serve alcohol).

The living and dining area: wood and stone, fire and water wooden joists with round beams old style, stone wall, stone fireplace restored, inside well ...

Between them the living room and dining room occupy almost the entire floor is near 100m2.
They are at your disposal to organize workshops or meetings, as required by changing the arrangement of your expectations.

+ Price:
All rooms are identical in terms of comfort, the price of 55 euros is common, only double rooms (with bed) are counted 10 Euros extra if the bed is used.
For comparison in half board for 2 peoples (1 night + breakfast + 2 meals): 55 + 20 + 20 = 95 or 47.5 Euros per day per person all inclusive .
In the study, discounts for half board from 3 days, child fares, do not hesitate to contact me.

The garden: spruces !
On the back of the house a garden evolving ...
It is home to a huge white pine, spruce lots, 2 large twin beautiful, some pines, a large ash tree, a little lime, hawthorn, sycamore maples ... and a meadow for the rest!

To be honest with you, we must recognize that with the renovation of the farm, I let him live his life, but eventually I plan to plant some fruit trees including rustic who will occasionally jams and other desserts! Yum. ;-)

+ Parking facilities: parking, garage for bikes as possible ...
The farmhouse has a private car park adjacent to the garden with ease of parking, and there is a garage to availability especially for motorbikes and bicycles. The old road converted into a rest area / picnic area past the house will allow you to stop and park no gene for coming to visit the farm for example.

+ Access:
A small corner of Auvergne in central France over the Puy en Velay (30km), large cities closest : Saint Etienne (70km), Lyon (130km approx), Clermont Ferrand (100 km ), Ambert (45km), Yssingeaux (40km) and Roanne (130km).
Villages near : Craponne sur Arzon (8km), La Chaise Dieu (15km), Saint Bonnet le Château (35km), Retournac (27km), Usson en Forez (20km), Bellevue la montagne (6km ), Saint Paulien (16km), Allègre (15km), Jullianges (6km), Saint Pierre du Champ (6km), Saint Georges Lagricol (10km) ...
To plan a route directly with the GPS coordinates and have more information on the different possible access please visit this page Access Detailed.

Good fast removal of the road in winter (the axis Puy en Velay / Craponne on Arzon) see Route 43 Info and Route Info Massif Central .

+ A last word ...
Many vacationers do us the honor to come and visit the Auvergne region every year, but we must recognize that the Haute Loire is the least known of its departments, behind the Puy de Dome, the Cantal and Allier ... however, the Haute Loire has assets at least as good as its departments brothers! you just take the time to linger...

Hope to see you soon for your next holidays vacation, whether you are convinced of the destination Auvergne is a "new browser", I will open the doors of the farm of Spruce happy for a relaxing stay or a romantic weekend in our beautiful region. Really, if you wish, feel free to visit us!
There is no commitment, it's the least we can ensure that you will feel good for her stay...

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information, if you want a room, information on the region or, if you have an idea for improving this site, I will answer you as quickly as possible.

You can also contact the Tourist Office on Craponne Arzon, if you search for specific services or detailed information on tourist activities in the area of ​​high Volcanic Velay or South of Park Livradois Forez:

Tourism Office Craponne sur Arzon
Place du For
Tel. 04 71 03 23 14 - Fax 04 71 01 24 19

For information on all Haute Loire, here's a web page of the official website of the General Council on Tourism where you will find brochures:

You also have the Tourist Office of Le Puy en Velay:

Tourist Office of Le Puy en Velay
2 place Clauzel
Tel. 04 71 09 38 41 - Fax 04 71 05 22 62

And finally to all information on the region of La Chaise Dieu:

Tourist Office in the country of La Chaise-Dieu
Place de la Mairie 43160 Chaise Dieu / Fax:

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I wish you happy holidays!